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Ejaculation Control


"During lovemaking, if a man cannot not find the right rhythm, he will easily lose his vital essence (sperm). This will result in an ejaculatory orgasm which leads to exhaustion. If it happens frequently in a short period of time, then the 100 diseases will start to develop in his body."

Yu - Fang - Pi - Chun

According to Taoist philosophy, man, having all male attributes represents the Yang (+) force. The masculine principle is a lot more volatile, faster and more active than the feminine principle which represents the Yin (-) force.

The woman is more passive; her moves are calmer and slower. By comparing male sexual vigor to female eroticism the ancient texts often use metaphors of fire and water.

Fire belongs to Yang, though its action is fast and strong, it is often defeated by water, which is a predominantly Yin force.

Nowadays, control over the ejaculation is a very important element in sexual intercourse. This is the most important issue in the Taoist art of love. Let's take into account some Taoist advices:

1. Beginners should not to be too excited or too passionate, too hasty or hurried.

2. The beginner must learn to penetrate the vagina very slowly (and gently) and come out suddenly if he feels that ejaculation is imminent.

3. If he feels that the excitement increases too much, he must stop thrusting immediately and withdraw very slowly so that only 1-2 cm remain inside the vagina. He will remain completely still in this position.

Then he will breathe deeply, contract his pelvic platform muscles very strongly (the anal sphincters and the PC muscle). At the same time he must focus his mind on the process of holding back his sperm.

Thus he will sublimate and transmute the enormous force contained in the sperm into psychic, mental and spiritual energies. After this period (which can be 5 - 50 seconds), he can make some moves of gradual and prudent penetration.

If he still feels that the excitement is too much he must apply once more the method described earlier (the blocking method) and even the "three fingers" method before going back to intercourse.

The blocking method is also valid for a woman in the case where she has problems controlling her sexual energy. It will be even more efficient if both lovers use it at the same time (even if only one of them is close to having an orgasm).

4. The one who wants to control his ejaculation has to be careful not to be hasty and have a very strong tenacity.

5. The blocking method makes sexual control easier, it is very efficient but it has to be used instantly, correctly and at the right moment. It needs to take place sooner than the non-return point. (when the ejaculation process has been initiated the correct moment has passed)

What is the advantage of having sexual intercourse without ejaculating? It is a natural question that all men ask from the beginning of their training to obtain control over their sexual energies. Here is what an old Taoist treaty says:


The Emperor HUANG-TI asked his master in the art of love:

"I would like to know now; what is the advantage of realizing sexual union always without ejaculating?"

His Initiator SOU-NU answered:

  •  "If just once, a man is capable of making love without losing his seed (sperm) he will strengthen his mind and his body very much.

  •  If he makes it twice, his hearing will be better and his sight also.

  •  If he makes it three times, he will be healed from all sickness.

  •  If he makes it four times, his soul will be so much quieter.

  •  Five times and his blood circulation and heart condition will be greatly improved.

  •  Six times and he will get strong mental power.

  •  Seven times and a huge happiness will come to him.

  •  Eight times and his face and body will become radiant, magnetic and charming.

  •  Nine times and he will be younger and will live longer.

  • Ten times and he will be like an Immortal Genius having access to hidden, ultimate Macro cosmic worlds, develop psychic powers, mental and spiritual paranormal capacities etc.

All these are also valid for women when they can control the explosive sexual discharge. When it is not controlled it makes her lose her essential sexual potential that sustains her state of pleasure and thus her erotic ability will be greatly diminished.

How To Avoid Ejaculation

Now, when you started learning how to control your sexual muscles you became capable of learning some techniques so to help you control your sexual energy when your arousal reaches high levels.

The more you will practice the exercises presented on our site so far, the easier it will be for you to practice the ones that follow and avoid crossing the point of non-return.


The most important thing that you must do is to maintain awareness of your own rhythm of arousal and to stop before you reach the point of no return.


The name given to this technique in sexology is the stop/start technique and it is based on the idea that it is better to stop sooner than later, even if you feel you could keep going for a while longer.

In the beginning, you will need to cease the stimulation for at least 30-40 seconds, so that the impulse to ejaculate will have time to fade away.


The deep breath the basics of sexual continence is highly important for controlling the rhythm of your arousal and for avoiding ejaculation.

However, some men in advanced stages of sexual continence, breathe rapidly in order to avoid ejaculation (yogic tradition named this pattern of breathing the fire breath), and direct the sexual energy to the head area. Deep breathing will help you acquire a state of inner calm and peace, while the rapid breathing helps you transform the sexual energy into an inner "fire" once you are advanced enough to handle it.

The Pc Muscle Contraction

As we already mentioned, the PC muscle surrounds the prostate through which the semen must pass before expulsion.

If you learn how to contract the prostate during orgasm in the contraction phase (when the prostate contracts involuntarily), you will learn how to avoid the discharge of semen. The dreadful point of non-return is situated somewhere between contractions and expulsion.

A man who practices lovemaking with sexual continence described his experience in the following terms: "I avoid ejaculation simply by contracting my PC muscle at the right time. It took some time to reach this result, but it is definitely worth the effort."


Many specialists in sexology recommend the squeezing of the penis Squeezing - A secret way to avoid ejaculation), which is a technique that was developed for men confronted with premature ejaculation.

The exercise is quite simple. Place the index and middle finger of the right hand on the posterior part of the penis, and the thumb on its anterior side and then squeeze. Some men hold their penis as they hold the handle of a bicycle, with all their hand, and this helps them reduce their excitation.

Although these techniques may be very effective in solo practice, they are quite inappropriate when making love, because they imply solitude. However, if this is the only way for you to avoid ejaculation, you should do it anyway.

Another effective technique is to press the base of your penis, because this pressure will help you control your arousal and will strengthen your erections.

The pressure of the point between the anus and sexual organs while contracting the PC muscle is one of the most ancient and efficient Taoist techniques used to control sexual energy and prevent ejaculation.

This helps delay ejaculation through concentration as well as through the interruption of the ejaculatory flux. First, locate the point situated slightly in front of the anus. If you identified the correct area, then you should feel a small hollow when you press.

You will then have to push up a little, until you feel a slight articulation. You may use this technique even during intercourse without pulling out.

Prolong Intercourse

For both men and women, the usual orgasm (the ejaculatory orgasm in the case of men and the explosive orgasm in the case of women) doesn't last more than a few seconds, regardless of its intensity.

Therefore, each man wants to prolong the duration of the miraculous sensations and feelings felt during orgasm. This justified wish can become a reality if you follow the teachings of ancient Taoist works

But you have to take into consideration that a prolonged orgasm doesn't mean the extension of ejaculation, because ejaculation and orgasm are not the same. So, you will learn how to prolong the state of orgasm or in other words you will learn how to be transported into delight for a long time.

In the beginning it is necessary to practice certain simple exercises.

Pressing Hard On The Protatic Spot Stops Ejaculation

One of the keys of getting control over ejaculation is self-stimulation. But the aim is not to ejaculate, but to maintain erection for at least half an hour. All this time the man has to concentrate on his sensations and when he feels that he is getting close to the climax he has to stop self-stimulation for a few minutes.

The prostatic zone is the equivalent of the G spot for men. The man can stimulate this zone by pressing an exterior spot, which is situated on the perineum, between the testicles and anus. This is the place of the pubbo-coccygian muscle and has the shape of the number eight.

They form the so-called pelvic platform. The first loop is the base of the penis or the vagina. The second one surrounds the anus. The prostatic spot is situated approximately in the middle of the perineum, where the two loops come together.

After you find it, you will see that by pressing it firmly and rhythmically you can get an erection, also if it is pressed very hard and this pressure is maintained for a long time you can avoid ejaculation.

It is good to study your reactions when you self-stimulate. For that we recommend combining self-stimulation and massage of the prostatic spot.


During self-stimulation check to see if a thick secretion appears from the urinary orifice during the peak moments of excitement. If you notice a few drops it means that you're close to your aim - prolonging the orgasm.

This thick secretion always comes along with a prolonged orgasm. For beginners it is recommended not to be too excited, too passionate, too hasty or in a hurry. It takes at least two weeks of daily training in order to get to such a performance, but this period of personal training is absolutely necessary before reaching a prolonged orgasm with your lover.

Testicles Hide The Power Of Virility

Stand in front of a mirror with your legs slightly spread and easily bent. Contract your abdominal muscles. This will eventually raise the testicles. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, put together as a ring around the base of the testicles, you can localize the muscles, whose contractions act upon the testicles.

We recommend that you repeat this exercise as many as a hundred times a day. It is necessary to be very patient in order to get a good control over these muscles. Once you've obtained it, you'll notice a great improvement in your sexual life.

Control of sexual energy can also be improved by traction of testicles. This can be done by pulling up the skin between testicles or by pulling them with your fingers in the shape of a ring. Be careful! Do not pull too hard because you might stop the blood flow.

Some men even use a special ring to keep constant pressure over their testicles. If you feel you are close to the non-return point, where you can't avoid ejaculation any further, you should relax your testicles and ejaculation will not occur.

Learn how to relax the muscles of the pelvic platform in any position. Also, you have to stop any kind of stimulation when you are getting close to the climax, but you can do it again after the critical moment has passed.

When you will manage to maintain an erection without ejaculation for at least 30 minutes, you will notice that it will be very easy to prolong its duration even more. 30 minutes is the shortest period of time required to produce vase-dilatation and the proper muscular tension in order to get a prolonged orgasm.

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