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Techniques For Getting Strong Erection

Many people consider that part of what makes a man, a man, lies in his erection.

Usually, the erection appears during foreplay or while the man expects sexual intercourse. However, tension, age, and other psychic factors make it difficult to get an erection sometimes. 

Therefore, we shall introduce the causes that generate this fact and the possibilities to fight it, according to the oriental art of lovemaking.

First, it is highly recommend that after a man has had an orgasm (preferably without ejaculation) he does not hurry towards a new erection. The process of gaining another erection should be slow, and lacking any kind of stress, with a woman's help if possible.

The union of the two lovers through a sexual act performed with sexual continence makes it necessary to fulfill two apparently opposing conditions: maintaining a strong erection, which needs an intense erotic stimulation, and avoiding ejaculation precisely because of this intense stimulation.

In order to "live" with both these conditions, we have to know that sexual play depends on three distinct nervous groups:

  • one that maintains the sensorial-motor connection between the sexual organs and the brain, consequently our main "sexual organ";

  • the other, the parasympathetic system, causes and maintains the erection;

  • and the last one, the sympathetic system, is responsible for ejaculation.

It is equally important that we know a few aspects connected to the phenomenon of the erection. There are two fundamental types of erections: 

1. Nocturnal or morning erections, which are purely reflexive

2. Erections caused by erotic stimulation, either directly or through dreams.

The first type of erection particularly interests us because it brings two specific cases into the light: the first occurs in older couples where the man can no longer perform as well, and the second occurs due to "phony impotence" in which most men blame their lack of potency on some physical problems.

However, except in some very rare and exceptional cases, every night, every man has at least five full erections, ever since he was young.

The German researchers quoted by doctor Sherman J. Siber in his book: "The Male", have studied great numbers of men in their sleep and determined that a man's penis becomes erect for 25 minutes to 84 minutes, during the Rapid Eye Movement phase, or in other words while dreaming.


If the subject is awakened, he usually remembers the content of his dream. Furthermore, it has been proven that nocturnal erections are not connected to the content of the dream, which most of the time had nothing erotic in it.

Thus, with some "erectile" math we realize that by the age of 75, the average penis was "up" for 33,000 hours - this is about four years, four months, four weeks, leaving aside the leap years.

Knowing that an erection depends on the parasympathetic nervous system, whose role is also to slow the breath and heartbeats, as well as to dilate the blood vessels, and that ejaculation depends on the sympathetic nervous system, one may easily notice that impotence and premature ejaculation have one thing in common: the over-excitation of the sympathetic nervous system due to anxiety.

Here's a classic situation: a man meets a woman whom he desires greatly. He thinks anxiously: "but what if I'm not up to the task". Thus, the fear of a humiliating failure is over-exciting his sympathetic nervous system.

The result: his heart beats like crazy and his breath becomes rapid and superficial. These are all processes that inhibit the action of his "opponent", the parasympathetic nervous system, in charge of erections.

Then, despite the best efforts of the disconcerted seducer, the result will be totally disappointing. What's worse, he may ejaculate even before entering the woman.

The experienced woman may save the day by calming and helping her partner relax. Once his sympathetic nervous system is relaxed, his becomes breath deep and regular, the parasympathetic system takes over and opens the gates towards an erotic paradise.

Let us turn our attention towards the ejaculatory process again. Premature or not, ejaculation depends on the sympathetic nervous system, which warns the seminal glands to prepare for seminal expulsion.

One movement and the sympathetic system will cause the powerful contractions form the base of the penis, which in turn will cause an ejaculation, at this point it is irreversible process

In conclusion: in order to overcome impotence, we have to manage and calm our sympathetic nervous system. In order to control the erection and prevent ejaculation, we have to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. 

What Are The Practical Methods?

In order to activate the parasympathetic system we should control and be aware of our breathing. Breathe in slowly, deeply, and exhale gradually, relaxed.

This respiratory pattern should be constant during the sexual act, starting with foreplay. The man gains insight and stays calm, his reward being a full erection, and a satisfied woman.

Furthermore, in order to avoid over exciting your sympathetic system, it is highly important that the movements of the two lovers are smooth, and the man adapts to the rhythm of his lover. Avoid all sudden movements, smile and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, instead of losing his potency with age, the man who practices sexual continence gains strength and resistance.

Preserving of the sperm enhances the libido, and the man will not experience the progressive erosion of his sexual power - a constant worry of any man over 40 years old.

The young man "compensates" for loss of energy through ejaculation through a faster "recharge". At a young age, a man has to wait only a few minutes before he is ready again.

Later, while he advances in age, he has to wait up to several hours until he is ready for a new experience.

However, as compensation for his patience, the years that pass bring sexual maturity to each man, even to those who ejaculate, which makes them appreciated lovers.

So, is the "quick" erection such a great asset? The "aged" lover may wait a little longer, but he can carry on making love for a longer period, making him more desirable +

Let us now discuss the sexual "erosion" that comes around with age. The cause is the terrible waste of sperm that occurs with each passing year.

However, by preserving your sexual energy through the practice of sexual continence you will always be youthful and full of energy. Frequent ejaculations shorten the man's orgasms as well.

While in his 20's, a man could "project" his sperm to about half a meter, a distance that decreases dramatically with age due to frequent ejaculations.

In order to avoid these unpleasant aspects there is only one solution - to avoid wasting the sperm. A man as a sexual animal is an exception and cannot be compared to other mammals.

Nonetheless, we should mention the fact that animals themselves copulate only for short periods of time and only for reproduction purposes. Their males may spend months or years without intercourse.

Seminal retention facilitates a rich sexual life, allowing several intimate contacts a day, and preserves the biological youth of the practitioner.

It is enough to practice seminal retention for only a week or two in order to be able to notice the sexual prowess coming back.

The principal objection to seminal retention is that the testicles produce spermatozoids continuously regardless of the number of ejaculations. This is true.

However, when the ejaculations are too close in time, the spermatozoids are less numerous and the sperm contains a number of immature gametes, indicating the fact that the testicles have to work extra heard and the pressure on them is greater than it would normally be.

There is no need to worry, men that have been practicing sexual continence for decades are living proof of the fact that it does not imply any risk to one's health, only benefits. 

The Erection - The Starting Point In Lovemaking

It is important that we underline the following aspects:

  • The hardness and duration of the erection are a sign of a man's virility. The erection-phenomenon is the pillar that sustains sexual experience, be it profane or initiated. The practice of the exercises described in the "Men" section of our site can give you a stronger erection, stimulate your erotic vitality and allow the penis to maintain an upright position for hours.

  • It is important to understand that an erection may be triggered a lot easier if before intercourse you relax your whole body, insisting on the erogenous-sexual areas.

How To Learn Sexual Continence, Exercises For Beginners


Medical studies have discovered that any psycho-mental tension, any sexual repression or inhibition is "translated" by the organism through an involuntary contraction or muscular tension at the level of the genital system.

The relaxation and control of the muscles belonging to the inferior abdomen and to the genital area balances a human being's psyche because it is a psychosomatic feedback mechanism.

These simple oriental techniques open a new, fascinating world of possibilities and satisfactions on many levels for the daring, sincere and lucid practitioners.

A very simple but extremely efficient method to hold the semen inside your body during sexual intercourse is the gesture of the horse.

The Cure For Premature Ejaculation

Another method is "the squeezing". In order to hold the semen, the man should strongly squeeze his phallus when he feels he is about to ejaculate.

This method that prolongs sexual intercourse has been practiced in the oriental traditions from Japan, India, China, since ancient times. American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson have recently rediscovered it. They successfully treated many premature ejaculation cases using this method.

More information about the anatomy of the penis will make you understand how to generate more intense and longer lasting erotic sensations that will also be completely controlled.

The penis is the main masculine erogenous zone. Naturally, it is very sensitive to touches and caresses. It also has its own secrets which some of the more receptive among us have already discovered.

Fine vibrations applied to the gland, a slight pinch of the urinary orifice, the touch of the area between anus and genitals, a delicate massage of the testicles, are just some of the secrets practiced in the oriental art of lovemaking.

The Japanese used them for pleasure and for curing and defusing emotional tensions through presopuncture, reflexology, and squeezing.


Any couple wishing to control their sexual potential can practice the squeezing technique. While practicing it, your erection may get less hard, but this is not a problem since everything will get normal after you start making love again.

"The squeezing" is an exercise that should be done gradually, first during manual or maybe oral caresses. After you are able to control it, you can use this technique during intercourse. In this case, penetration should be gradual and, in the beginning, slow.

This method requires pressure on some sensitive spots and constant awareness of the sensations that precede ejaculation. This technique is useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation and for men wishing to practice sexual continence . The squeeze method can be practiced in many ways. There are also more spots on the phallus that can be successfully stimulated. The proper points to press are those from the corona glands.

Some sexologists consider that the entire gland should be squeezed between the thumb and index. Either way, the squeezing of the phallus has been practiced in India since ancient times so it is a reliable method.

In fact, firm pressure at the base of the penis, between the anus and sexual organs, is probably the most efficient manual method for blocking ejaculation. At this level there is a muscular muff whose repeated contraction can block seminal loss all by itself.

This area is evident to some men because of their practice. Furthermore, this pressure, be it manual or through muscular contraction, amplifies the controlled pressure because here lies the projection of the prostate, which has a sensitivity similar to a woman’s G spot.

The Greatest Virility

Fractioned urination is a secret way to control sexual energy. Taoist sages considered that the one who controls his urinary potential implicitly controls his sexual potential.

The following simple but efficient methods generate this type of control.

1. The first method is fractioned urination, which means to urinate in short bursts and to take a break of a few seconds between each of them. This break should be long enough to completely stop the urinary flow of the urine.

You may feel thrills in your entire body, ascending along your spine, especially during the first few jets. These thrills are a manifestation of the energy that results from transmutation generated by the firm and strong contraction of the urinary sphincters.

The effects of this method are:

  • Better control over the vital and creative energies while practicing erotic continence

  • An increase of the yang, solar, dynamic virility, energizing your whole body

  • An increase of your vital energy and will power.

Fractioning the urine jet 30 times during each urination for about three weeks will cure many genital and urinary diseases, disorders and will harmoniously amplify the libido.

The transmutation and sublimation of the energies generated by this technique will increase virility, sexual power, mental abilities and the power to concentrate.


2. The second method says that half an hour before making love you should drink as much water, tea or juice as possible, at least 1 liter, so that while making love your bladder is full.

You need to feel like urinating. Then, you should relax the urinary sphincters during intercourse and the entire inferior abdominal area just as you would when you want to urinate.

You should not worry, it is practically impossible to urinate now. Thus, in a few minutes, you will start to feel the energy ascending easily and spontaneously.

You may also feel some very pleasant thrills and an intense erotic emotional states. You can endlessly prolong this state by relaxing the sphincters and the inferior abdominal part.

Techniques For Controlling The Sexual Energy

Why is This Is Control So Important?

The reasons are simple and easy to understand. A man's strength, his efficiency, his capacity for action, his vital, mental and spiritual resources are in close connection with his potential sexual energy.

Now we will present three efficient techniques specifically designed for control over the sexual energy.

The Three - Fingers Methods

The three-finger method has its origins in China, and dates back 5,000 years ago. It is a very simple method and anyone can learn it. Basically, it stops the loss of the sperm through pressure applied with the fingers.

How To Do It

A few seconds before ejaculation, pull out from your partner's vagina and press the point between the anus and sexual organ with the three longer fingers of the right hand. Thus, if done correctly, the pressure applied in this area prevents ejaculation and the waste of sexual energy.

First, locate the exact spot: Press the point between the anus and scrotum - a "gate" through which the energy comes in and out of the body.

Second, press with a medium force, feeling the exact pressure to apply: Usually, as the fingertips are quite strong, the pressure should not be very strong in order to stop the fluid.

Next, use all the three fingers: (index, middle finger and ring finger) to stop the fluid. If we use one finger only, the sperm will tend to pass by.

Two fingers will not totally block the channel, therefore use the index and the ring finger to press both sides of the urethra and immobilize it and then the middle finger to press directly on the urethra. Bend the fingers, most of all the middle finger.

When To Do It

Immediately after you feel that ejaculation is imminent, pull out of your lover's vagina, and apply the pressure to stop the fluid. If you wait too long, the pressure will not be enough to stop the fluid.


This pressure should be applied before, during and after the contractions announcing ejaculation.

Block the "gate" with your fingers until you are absolutely certain that the ejaculation will no longer occur. The result of this blockage is that an important part of the seed will flow back inside the seminal reservoirs it came from.

There is no danger in affecting the internal channels, because the tissues from this area are very elastic and capable of receiving the fluid.

You might think that the seminal reservoir could not contain the sperm over a certain level. This hypothesis would be correct if the male reproductive system would have been a simple reservoir with a hose. However, it is nothing like that. When the fluid stored there reaches a certain level, several processes occur.

First: The secretion of sperm diminishes, saving energy and the nutritional substances required for the secretion of sperm.

Second: The body has a natural tendency to reabsorb this fluid.

Third, the Taoists have perfected a "vaporizing" system, channeling the energy to the upper centers of force, reducing the pressure in the inferior seminal channels and in the prostate.

The seminal liquid is transmuted into other substances necessary for the body and the energy resulted from the transmutation process is then sublimated into more refined energies.

This process resembles that of boiling water changing into vapors, a property that allows the water to transform and at the same time preserves the qualities of the water.

The spermatic liquid is thus transmuted into other substances needed for the body, resulting in a superior, more refined form of energy.

The force of the seed means more than the chemical analysis may comprise. Any scientist may mix the constituents of sperm. However, the laboratory-sperm can never have the reproductive force of life.

The main practitioners of this method are the beginners and medium practitioners of sexual continence that do not master it entirely.

In fact, this method is quite helpful, but you should abandon it when you master the sublimation of the sexual energy.

In the first stages of the practice, you may experience a sensation of discomfort. This is normal and you should not become anxious as this method implies the external blocking of ejaculation.

Practical Advice

1. Do not overdo it in the beginning. Use this powerful method only once in 2 or 3 days and not more than that. The old and the weakened should practice this method only once a week.

2. After using this method, your inner "fire" will raise. Therefore, it would be good if you drink more water.

3. After practicing the method of the external blockage for 1-3 months, or even less, you will notice an increase in your sexual appetite. Your erection will appear often and faster.

However, do not abuse of your new found power, increase your sexual activity gradually.

4. The practice of this method requires a powerful pressure applied with the fingertips. If you cannot do it from the beginning, practice until you achieve the exact pressure needed.

5. Because a small quantity of sperm will still remain in the urethra, a part of the seed will be lost after the erection disappears.

Thus, in order to use this method for contraceptive purposes, you have to pull out of your lover's vagina before the erection fades away.

It is also compulsory that you urinate before making love again. For total safety, you may also use spermicide or other contraceptive means, at your disposal.

6. In the beginning, you may feel a little tired after lovemaking, because of the effort you made to avoid ejaculation.

Nonetheless, your reserves of vital energy will benefit from a boost of energy shortly after lovemaking. The tiredness will be replaced with a delicious state of euphoria.

7. However, a part of your vital energy will be consumed through this method. In order to avoid this loss entirely, you should master the internal blockage method. The energy lost through the external blockage represents between 40 and 60% of the total force of your seed.

Even so, this method is preferable over the uncontrolled ejaculation. The external blockage offers considerable power and virility. This is an excellent method for beginners and it precedes the internal blockage.

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