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About A Man's Sexuality

Penis Size

The size, shape and performance of the penis: a matter that all men have worried about at some time in their lives.

Most of them keep thinking about the mythical penis when comparing it with their own: rock-hard, huge and with immense staying power, which has little to do with the performance of a real penis that has its good and mediocre days.

Comparisons with other men are inevitable but not always reliable because when a man looks down at his own penis he sees it from a different and rather unusual angle.

Thus, it may seem smaller than the ones seen in communal showers or changing rooms. The best way to evaluate your penis is to look at it sideways in the mirror.

Another form of anxiety for men is whether their penis is capable of bringing real pleasure to a woman. A vagina is around 10 cm/4 inches in length, so it is the right size for most of the penises. But do not forget that the width is more important than length in stimulating the lining of the vagina, and thereby giving sexual satisfaction to a woman.

In exceptional cases, when an erect penis is very small, it may produce less stimulation. However, there are much more exciting ways in which a woman can be stimulated. And what matters most is the skill a man has when he uses his penis, his sensuality, his adaptability to her body's responses.

When flaccid, penises do vary in length, thickness and shape but the differences become less pronounced once they are erect. Here is a little known fact, a smaller penis will grow proportionally more than a large one when aroused.

More About Penis & Erection

A full penile erection is the result of the blood being pumped into the erectile tissues at a much faster rate than it can escape. Thus, the tissue swells and the penis enlarges.


The urethra is the channel that originates at the bladder and passes through the prostate gland and the shaft of the penis. It terminates at the external urethral opening, situated in the glens, or head of the penis.

Both urine and semen pass out of the body through the urethra. The male urethra is longer than the female one. It is up to 20cm/8in. A ring of muscles closes off the bladder prior to ejaculation, thus preventing urine from escaping with the semen.


The penis is the most erotically sensitive area and most men consider it as the most important part of their sexual anatomy.

The penis is made up of erectile and fibrous tissue and involuntary muscles. These muscles have a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels, surrounded by skin.

The spongy erectile tissue consists of three cylindrical compartments: the two corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum that surrounds the urethra. These cylinders are filled with blood during sexual arousal and thus the penis becomes erect.

The glans is the head of the penis. The semen is ejaculated through the external urethral opening which is the center of the glans.

The head of the flaccid penis is normally covered with a fold of loose skin called the foreskin or the prepuce which during erection stretches back and exposes the glans.

The glans is the most erotically sensitive part of the penis as it is well served with nerve endings. The frenulum is also very responsive to sexual stimulation. It is the area just below the under ridge of the glans.

Men can get a full erection of the penis sometimes within seconds of sexual stimulation, sometimes not even after foreplay, which can sometimes cause great anxiety for them.


Sperm develop inside the testicles and it takes about 10 weeks for that them to mature. During a single ejaculation 50-100 million spermatozoa per milliliter are ejected, which is about one spoon of semen.

Each month up to 30 billion spermatozoa are produced. However, 40% of sperm may be deformed or inactive in one ejaculation and the ones that are not ejaculated are reabsorbed into the body.

Each spermatozoon consists of an oval head, a tubular mid-section and a whip-like tail. The head contains 23 chromosomes. Among them there are the x or y chromosomes that dictate the sex of the embryo after an egg has been fertilized.

The spermatozoon goes to find this egg through the cervix, uterus and Fallopian tube with the help of the mid-section that acts like a motor, lashing the tail from side to side and thereby, propelling the sperm. Sperm can survive several days inside a woman's reproductive tract when the proper conditions are present.


A circumcised penis is the one that has its foreskin surgically removed. Usually, the reason for this surgery is either religious (in the Jewish and Muslims communities) or due to health reasons.

Some western men have their penises circumcised for certain benefits they consider that it reduces the risk of infection as the organ can be kept clean much easier.

There are some medical problems that require circumcision such as phimosis, when the foreskin is too tight to retract properly or balanitis, an inflammation of the penis caused by a buildup of secretions under the foreskin.

Correct Measuring Of Your Erection

Penis Length

Penis length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal side of the erect penis extending from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans.

In non-medical terms, penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the skin of your belly to the tip of your penis.

Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest, thickest, part of the erect penis.

How To Measure Your Erection             

1. Stimulate yourself into an erectile state.

2. Place a ruler on the skin of your belly, at the base of your erect penis. While technically you should not push it against the skin, some of the studies used in this guide allowed the measurer to push it to the bone beneath the skin (pubic bone), so if you want to you can.

3. Press the ruler against your penis and read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

4. Record this number on a piece of paper.

5. Repeat this measurement two more times, preferably with different erections and preferably on different days as penis size will differ depending on the level of arousal, time of day, room temperature, and recent sexual activity.

Penis Circumference 

Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis are also important aspects when considering how you measure up.

Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the following instructions to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).

1. Stimulate yourself into an erectile state.

2. Place the fabric ruler or string end on the widest part of your penis and wrap it once around carefully. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.

3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

4. Record this number on a piece of paper.

5. Repeat this measurement two more times, preferably with different erections and preferably on different days as penis size will differ depending on the level of arousal, time of day, room temperature, and recent sexual activity.

The Development Of Male Sexuality

The male sexual characteristics become fully developed during puberty and cause many changes in a young man's body. The first signs of puberty are noticed later at males than at females, usually between the ages of 12 and 14 years.

As with girls, the initial changes are triggered by chemical and nerve signals in the hypothalamus. These signals trigger the release of gonadotrophins which, in turn, instruct the testicles to start releasing increasing levels of male hormones, or androgens, such as testosterone, into the blood stream. These hormonal changes generate a sudden spurt in bone and muscle development.

When a boy reaches puberty, his scrotum and testes increase in size and also the pubic and facial hair begins to grow. Sperm begins to develop within the testes and the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland begin to mature.

The larynx enlarges and the vocal chords thicken and lengthen; thus, the voice drops in pitch. The penis begins to enlarge at the age of 13, but it takes around two years to reach its full adult size in.

The skin becomes coarser and may darken a little; acne can also appear as the increased level of testosterone tend to over stimulate the oil-producing glands in the skin.

It is also possible for an adolescent male to experience temporary breast enlargement. Though embarrassing, this normally subsides within a few months.

The physical changes are only slight at first, but they speed up during the adolescent years, before stabilizing by the time the male has reached his early twenties.

Becoming a Mans


Sometimes puberty can be a difficult time for men. Now they have to get used to the physical and psychic changes that occur in their own being.

They have to live up to the expectations of their parents and teachers and, in the mean time, they have to define their role in society, to determine their own beliefs and goals.

Now they need the friendship and guidance of more experienced men who can act as role models in their struggle to assert their own identity. It is a difficult, demanding, changing period of their life and that is why they need lots of understanding, patience and good advice.

Male Sexual Experience

During this period, a young male will probably experience exciting but somehow frightening new sexual feelings. He may start to have "wet dreams" which are nocturnal emissions. Erections occur frequently, and often unexpectedly

He will start having more and more sexual fantasies which may end with masturbation. It is common for boys of this age to compare penises and frequency of ejaculation, and in some cases to even masturbate together.

For most boys, these sexual games are only a passing phase in which they gain knowledge about their own bodies or compare their development with others.

Males become more and more interested in the opposite sex and relationships. Thus, it is very important to find out about the difference between sexuality and emotional happiness, about the female psyche, about sexually transmitted diseases, about contraception and about sexual continence and the methods one can use to take the best from sexuality and to satisfy a woman.

Though at this age the relationships do not always last long, the emotions involved are very intense and they offer a the chance for sexual experimentation. Now they may start to feel the pressure to loose their virginity as soon as possible.

Studies have proved that most of men claim to have lost their virginity at around 16-17 years old, but, of course, there are many who wait until they are much older.

From now on, besides their concern about studying, career and about coping with the demands made from them, males start to assign a lot of importance to their relationship with women.

In the beginning he may want to have a large number of relationships so that he can get enough sexual and emotional experience, but as he grows older to will start to look for his true mate.

Man's Sexual Peak

The frequency of orgasm (either through masturbation or lovemaking) and the amount of resting time he needs between each ejaculation determine the sexual peak of men.

The period of their life when they are most sexually potent is during their teenage years and early twenties when their virility stabilizes. From now on, unless he learns how to preserve his sexual potential through the means of sexual continence, his virility starts to decline and he will need longer periods of recovery between each ejaculation.

In time men acquire more knowledge about their sexual responses and become more sensitive to a woman's sexual and emotional needs, which can make them better lovers, with more staying power during coitus or even sexually continent (able to live multiple and prolonged orgasms without ejaculating). This undoubtedly enhances the sexual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction of both of the lovers.

Importance Of Foreplay

Traditionally, “foreplay” was considered to be something that a man had to do to get his partner ready for sexual intercourse. Today, foreplay has become an integral part of the whole lovemaking experience. It is true that impromptu sexual encounters without foreplay can sometimes be some of the best sexual experiences, but in general, most women will agree that good sexual encounters mean that you learn the importance of foreplay. A more vigilant form of foreplay will bring increased pleasure to both partners, and make the whole lovemaking experience more enjoyable.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Especially with age, both partners will need a little extra spice to get fully aroused and achieve maximum pleasure. Hence you need to learn the importance of foreplay. The man will need to prolong foreplay to get an erection and the woman will need the same to become properly lubricated. Most sex experts agree that there is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay. The trick is to start intercourse when both partners are peaking with excitement and are having a hard time controlling their desires.

What is Foreplay?


You’ve gotten learn the importance of foreplay, which can encompass a wide range of activities, including hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, and petting, performing Why is foreplay so important? First of all, men who cuddle and kiss their partners and know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find that their partners will not only enjoy sexual intercourse more, but will also see their partners reach orgasm more easily. Most women need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required stimulation.

No Ultimate Foreplay

There is no such thing as the ultimate foreplay, and it is not about pressing the right buttons in the right order. It is about understanding what makes your partner get hot and delivering the things that make her experience intense pleasure. All women are different. Some get off on being lightly kissed all over their necks while others enjoy direct oral stimulation.

There are many ways to give your partner extreme sensations, but one thing is for sure: It all begins in her brain. Simply tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her sexy body. By complimenting her appearance, especially if her confidence level is low, you are giving her added security and excitement, as well as giving her good reasons to go all out with the foreplay.


To learn the importance of foreplay you have to know how to set the mood. The next step is paying attention to romantic details. Creating the right environment for sexual intercourse can be crucial, especially at mature stages in the relationship. For example, make sure the room is warm, the lighting subdued, and the sheets clean. Once the mood is right, take the time to undress her because the act of removing your partner’s clothes can be an important part of foreplay. Many have found that undressing increases the eroticism; it stimulates and intensifies the feeling.

Often, women spend a lot of money on nice lingerie because it makes them feel sexy and they want it to stay on for a while. Instead of getting her completely naked, remove her bra strap, kiss her shoulder, and then put it back on again. Do the same with her underwear, and, again; compliment how good she looks in it.

Kissing and Foreplay

During foreplay, go as slow as you can. This will tease her. Begin by kissing and caressing her. A kiss is usually the first physical expression of desire but it is also often forgotten during sexual intercourse. During intercourse, you should kiss every part of your partner’s body and not be restricted to the mouth. Most women complain that their partners don’t kiss long enough and rush the movement directly to the genital area. Don’t be shy to experiment on every part of her body and remember to prolong the foreplay with more kissing and caressing.

A Good Time for Learning


This article focused on the importance of foreplay as it is a learning experience. Foreplay is the perfect time to spend understanding what your partner likes because without that, you will never learn what she really needs to be fully stimulated. Don’t be shy; ask for feedback and also give your own. Both partners profit from good communication during foreplay and lovemaking. Also, without cutting the intensity of the moment, ask her what she really likes and what makes her go wild.

The Time of Her Life

As a general rule, if she is satisfied with her sexual experience, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well. Good luck, and remember that only practice makes perfect. Don’t ever forget the importance of foreplay.

A Test For Test For Men

What Kind of Sexuality lover are You?

Do you feel love like Romeo and Juliet, passion like Tristan and Isault, pleasure like Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, orgasm like Leopold von Sacher Masoch, desire like Don Juan


Each man has his own tastes and recipes. This test-game only aims at helping you find your own path in the mysterious labyrinth of sexuality.

If you wish to play, then answer this questionnaire and observe the following rule:

Answer all the questions and mark only one answer for each question.

1. When You Are in Love You Feel

  • Eating

  • Dreaming

  • Running from her

  • Shouting

  • Laughing

  • Singing

  • Meditating on love.

2. Above All A Good Wife Knows

  •  to kiss

  • to do everything

  •  to be a perfect hostess

  • to cook

  •  to be a true friend

  • to be a good mother

  • to make love from evening till dawn and from dawn till evening

3. In A Woman, Stupidity Is

  • exciting

  • embarrassing

  • doesn't matter

  • charming

  • unbearable

  • bearable

  • not accounted for

4. When Do you Prefer Women

  • in the morning

  • during holidays

  • anytime

  • in the night

  • in the week-ends

  •  in the evening

  • all the time

5. You Cannot Stand

  • to polish her shoes

  • to bring her breakfast in bed

  • to listen to her phantasms

  • her to be very persistent

  • to visit her family

  • to meet her ex-lovers

  •  her jealousy crises

6. Chose A Gift That Would Represent Her

  • A sucking bottle for a baby

  • A finger

  • A needle

  • A toy lion

  • A vine leaf

  • A tassel

  • A flower

7. While You make Love You Do not Like It

  • if she shouts

  • if she grumbles

  • if she coughs

  • if she scratches

  • if she pants

  • if she is contracted

  • I can stand anything

8. While You Make love You like Her To

  • moan

  • tremble

  • comment

  • struggle

  • shout

  • fight

  • be passionate

9. When You First Saw Her You Thought She was

  • Funny

  • Beautiful

  • Shy

  • Insignificant

  • Charming

  • Bizarre

  • A real woman

10. Next Year You Will Spend your Summer Holiday

  • You don't know where

  • The same place

  • Alone

  • Somewhere else

  • You leave this to chance

  • With other people

  • With her

How Do You Proceed Now?

Make sure you have answered all the  questions and that you gave one answer alone for each question. Now, count each answers for a, each for b, and so on.

The a answers correspond to the pervert type, the b to the sentimental type, the c to the narcissistic type, d to the cerebral type, e to the masochistic type, f to the eccentric type and g to the "in love" type.

Take into account the dominant letter, and in case you have several equal letters, take the one to which you answered first during the test. It indicates your main sexual characteristic. Then read the portrait that corresponds to the dominant letter.

Of course, nobody is 100 percent narcissistic or perverted. We are all cerebral or sentimental at times, even masochistic or eccentrics. There is nothing more unpredictable than the libido.



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