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The Sexual Response Cycle

All you need to know about the male sexual response cycle: Discover what happens in the heat of passion.

There are five main stages to the sexual response cycle:

  1. Desire (also called libido). This stage, in which a man or woman begins to want or "desire" sexual intimacy or gratification, may last anywhere from a moment to many years.

  2. Excitement (also called arousal). This stage, which is characterized by the body’s initial response to feelings of sexual desire, may last from minutes to several hours.

  3. Plateau This stage, the highest point of sexual excitement, generally lasts between 30 seconds and three minutes.

  4. Orgasm This stage, the peak of the plateau stage and the point at which sexual tension is released, generally lasts for less than a minute.

  5. Resolution The duration of this stage—the period during which the body returns to its pre excitement state—varies greatly and generally increases with age.

The Stages Of Sexual Response

Stage 1: Desire

Our minds and bodies can respond sexually to a variety of stimuli—including sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, movement, fantasy, and memory. These stimuli can create sexual desire—a strong wanting for sexual stimulation (either by oneself or with another person) or sexual intimacy that may cause one to seek sexual satisfaction. Societal and cultural values influence the range of stimuli that provoke sexual desire, and ideals about the stimuli considered “sexual” or “attractive” can vary greatly between cultures and among subsets of a single culture. In addition, each individual reacts to sets of stimuli that are idiosyncratic—based on his or her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Indications of Desire: Desire is a prelude to sexual excitement and sexual activity—it occurs in the mind rather than the body and may not progress to sexual excitement without further physical or mental stimulation. Desire may be communicated between potential sexual partners either verbally or through body language and behavior (for example, through “flirting”). This communication, which is shaped by sociocultural factors, may be subtle and easily misread. In different cultures, behaviors meant to communicate desire may vary greatly along gender lines; for example, in some cultures, women are expected not to express overt, verbal communication of their sexual desire, whereas such communication from men is expected.

Stage 2: Excitement (arousal) 

Excitement is the body’s physical response to desire. (A person who manifests the physical indications of excitement is termed to be “aroused” or “excited.”) The progression from desire to excitement depends on a wide variety of factors—it may be brought on by sensory stimulation, thoughts, fantasy, or even the suggestion that desire may be reciprocated. For some persons (particularly for some adolescents), the excitement stage may be achieved with very little physical or mental stimulation, whereas for others, significant intimacy, physical stimulation, or fantasy may be required. It generally takes longer for women to achieve full arousal than for men to do so. Excitement may lead to intimacy and sexual activity, but this is not inevitable: for both sexes, initial physical excitement may be lost and regained many times without progression to the next stage.

Indications of Excitement: Excitement can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following body changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate and blood pressure increase, body muscles tense, sexual flush occurs, nipples become erect, genital and pelvic blood vessels become engorged, and involuntary and voluntary muscles contract.

For women: The vagina lengthens and widens, the clitoris swells and enlarges, breasts increase in size, the labia swell and separate, the vagina becomes lubricated, and the uterus rises slightly. Vaginal lubrication is the key indicator of sexual excitement.

For men: The penis becomes erect, the scrotum thickens, and the testes rise closer to the body. Erection of the penis is the key indicator of sexual excitement.

Stage 3: Plateau


If physical or mental stimulation (especially stroking and rubbing of erogenous zones or sexual intercourse) continues during full arousal, the plateau stage may be achieved. This stage, the highest moment of sexual excitement before orgasm, may be achieved, lost, and regained several times without the occurrence of orgasm.

Indications of the Plateau Stage. The plateau stage can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following physiological changes:

For both sexes: Breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure further increase, sexual flush deepens, and muscle tension increases. There is a sense of impending orgasm.

For women: The clitoris withdraws, the Bartholin’s glands lubricate, the areolae around the nipples become larger, the labia continue to swell, the uterus tips to stand high in the abdomen, and the “orgasmic platform” develops (that is, the lower vagina swells, narrows, and tightens).

For men: The ridge of the glans penis becomes more prominent, the Cowper’s glands secrete preejaculatory fluid, and the testes rise closer to the body.

Stage 4: Orgasm


Indications of Orgasm. The intensity of orgasm can vary among individuals and can vary for an individual from one sexual experience to another. Orgasm may involve intense spasm and loss of awareness, or it may be signaled by as little as a sigh or subtle relaxation. Orgasm can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following physiological changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure reach their highest peak, sexual flush spreads over the body, and there is a loss of muscle control (spasms).

For women: The uterus, vagina, anus, and muscles of the pelvic floor contract five to 12 times at 0.8-second intervals.

For men: Ejaculation (contractions of the ejaculatory duct in the prostate gland cause semen to be ejected through the urethra and penis) occurs, and the urethra, anus, and muscles of the pelvic floor contract three to six times at 0.8-second intervals.

Stage 5: Resolution

Resolution is the period following orgasm, during which muscles relax and the body begins to return to its preexcitement state. Immediately following orgasm, men experience a refractory period, during which erection cannot be achieved (the duration of this period varies among individuals and increases with age). Women experience no refractory period—they can either enter the resolution stage or return to the excitement or plateau stage immediately following orgasm.

Indications of Resolution: Resolution can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following body changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate and blood pressure dip below normal, returning to normal soon afterward; the whole body (including the palms of hands and soles of feet) sweats; there is a loss of muscle tension, increased relaxation, and drowsiness.

For women: Blood vessels dilate to drain the pelvic tissues and decrease engorgement; the breasts and areolae decrease in size; nipples lose their erection; the clitoris resumes its prearousal position and shrinks slightly; the labia return to normal size and position; the vagina relaxes; the cervix opens to help semen travel up into the uterus (closing 20–30 minutes after orgasm); and the uterus lowers into the upper vagina (location of semen after male orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse).

For men: Nipples lose their erection; the penis lightens in color and becomes softer and smaller; the scrotum relaxes, and the testes drop farther away from the body. Depending on a number of factors (including age), the refractory period in men may last anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours or more.

Use Your mental Power To Enhance Your Penis


So far we have presented various ways to enlarge your penis, which involve more or less complicated procedures, and consequently they were more or less accessible to most men.

In the following we will discuss a method that does not require a special diet, or medicine, or special devices. This method is accessible to all men, and still it is not for any man!

The ingredients you need to have results are:

  • a powerful desire of attaining your dream

  • a firm belief in your undertaking

  • perseverance

  • a strong and focused mind

Consequently, we address those who admit that the force of the mind has a miraculous influence on human life and implicitly on the human body.

In order to get excellent results by using your own mental power you need to free your mind from prejudice and not to allow doubts to stop you.

The main problem with practicing this technique is the fact that many men think they are confident when in fact they are consumed by doubts, deeply rooted in their subconscious.

Consequently, we will discuss a method based on bio-energy and on the extraordinary power of the mind.

We will also use these weapons, but change the target for our objective: penis enlargement.

The following method is based on several observations:

  • It has been proved that psychic traumas rooted in childhood may delay the physical, emotional, or psychic development of the human being. Human cells are capable of multiplication, and this may be performed in all cases: for the development of a fetus or for the proliferation of cancer, as a negative example. The brain is a powerful organ, because all bodily functions are generated here: the activity of the heart, the circulation of the blood, hormonal secretion, etc.

  • Any person may order his or her brain through their thinking - because the brain is an instrument used in their development as human beings. This way of acting is called mental programming.

A person may program his or her brain to act on their cells, sometimes even to correct an apparently irremediable physical handicap, caused by an exterior traumatic factor.

The Method Itself

In order to apply the mental programming method, you must act as follows:

Before beginning take a piece of paper and divide it in two with a line. On the left side draw a silhouette representing yourself, with an erection. Draw your penis proportionally with the real size it actually has.

It is not necessary for the drawing to be professional, but it is important its size is correlated with the size of your body.

Draw the same silhouette on the right side of the paper, but make the size of the penis as you would like it to be. This part represents your goal.

However, keep your expectations realistic: if your penis is small in erection, do not draw it on the right side as an immense sexual organ, because you will make your mind face an impossible task.

Visualize your penis as 2 or 3 cm bigger than it really is, don't imagine it three or four times bigger than it actually is.

Another effective variant for visualizing your penis enlarged is to take a nude side photo. It is recommend that the picture includes more than just the genital area.

Transfer the picture to a computer and process it until your penis gets the size you desire. Then print the paper, because this is the support you will be working with.

Once the drawing or the picture is finished, stare at it intensely, willing it to become reality.


Visualize this daily, for 20 to 30 minutes, then place the picture or drawing somewhere at hand and do not think about it anymore. This drawing or this picture is meant to provide your subconscious with a clear and precise objective.

Drawings, images and graphic representations generally enter rapidly, effortlessly and deeply into the subconscious. Visualizing this image and picturing yourself as you want to be is a method of ordering the latent subconscious forces to become active.

Besides this visualization which should last for three months, you also need to do the following for 20 to 30 minutes a day:

Sit comfortably, with your spine straight (this is a very important aspect, as the subtle energies circulate along the spine and a wrong posture blocks their circulation). Place your soles on the ground.

Close your eyes, relax your mind and keep your mind clear of any thoughts for several minutes. Then hold your penis in your right hand, and begin to massage it from the base to the top. When the right hand reaches the top, the left hand begins the same move at the base and so on. 

These movements are slow, like a gentle touch. Try to perceive how a subtle energy fluid comes out of your hands and acts on your penis. If can't perceive this fluid from the very beginning, imagine that you feel it.

During these movements keep in mind one thing: the image of your penis growing, try to have a very clear image, as if you were watching a movie.

Do not get discouraged if you have difficulties in the beginning. Persevere and in time you will succeed. Do your best and impose the image of your organ on your mind, as you want it to be.

This thought must not be a simple desire, but more like an order. Your subconscious is your servant. And its power is your power. It's duty to serve us and it will, if we persevere in asking it to do so.

At the end of three weeks take another piece of paper and perform the following test: divide the paper in two - to the left the silhouette with the penis as you have it at that moment, to the right as you want to be. Take the first paper and compare them, particularly the left side of the paper.

If in the most recent drawing your penis is larger than in the first, your subconscious has assimilated the instructions you've given it. It is a scientifically proven fact that the brain needs at least three weeks to perfectly integrate new information.

You need to understand that even though your sexual organ may not become larger in only three weeks as this interval is too short for the action of the molecules to become significant. However if your subconscious has assimilated the orders you have given it, the desired result won't be far behind.

If, on the contrary you will notice that there is absolutely no difference between the two drawings, or for instance that the second representation of your penis is smaller than the first, it means that this method does not work for you and that you should look for a more "mechanical" approach.

If you belong to the first case of the two discussed above, it is only a matter of time and perseverance until you will get to enjoy the results of your efforts.

Remember that in any procedure of penis enlargement the "enemy" is to masturbate and ejaculate, as this will turn your attention away from your goal and it will dissipate the mind.

This is the only method for penis enlargement that can be practiced even when the penis is in erection, so you need to be careful, control your pleasure and avoid ejaculating. Keep in mind the idea that through this procedure you do not desire erotic pleasure, but penis enlargement.

If you will regularly practice this exercise without loosing heart, you will definitely reach your goal. It is difficult to predict the interval required for the appearance of the desired results, because this depends directly on your capacity to concentrate.

Nonetheless, the results will appear within 3 months to 1 year, if you respect all the given instructions.

We wish you good luck!

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