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The Cause of Severe Premature Ejaculation

Extreme levels of arousal caused by the overproduction of sex hormones. Simply stated - Hormones control "everything" that happens during a sexual performance - from the erection to the ejaculation!

A normal ejaculation occurs when sexual excitement triggers glands, located inside your body, to begin a slow release of chemicals (hormones) into your blood stream. The slow release of these hormones tells your brain to gently stimulate the nerves at the glens (head of your penis). As you become more and more sexually excited, your body produces more and more of these hormones. The sensitivity becomes greater and greater until you reach the point at which time you ejaculate. Under normal circumstances the production of hormone is gradual and a man has the ability to control the sensations of sex.

Premature Ejaculation occurs when your body produces too much hormone too fast. Your body becomes "over stimulated". The head of the penis becomes so sensitive that you ejaculate almost immediately. There is absolutely no control. This Extreme Sensitivity on the head of your penis causes the ejaculatory mechanism, inside your body, to go into "spasms". It's these spasms that cause the overpowering Urge to Ejaculate. The head of your penis becomes so sensitive and the urge is so strong that you ejaculate immediately.
If you slow down the production of excess hormone - you slow down the ejaculation.

Verona Tablet the only premature ejaculation treatment that really works!

In fact, there's NO product, exercise, or technique that can stop severe premature ejaculation when used alone. NONE! Severe premature ejaculation is an extremely complex condition the causes of premature ejaculation are both physical and psychological. To cure premature ejaculation requires a combination of products that simultaneously attack and eliminate each cause. Only Verona Tablet has a combination of products strong enough to eliminate ALL aspects of both the physical and psychological causes of premature ejaculation.

DID YOU KNOW: Penis Enlargement Pills, Stamina in a bottle, E-Books, Audio Tapes, Videos, Hypnosis, Condoms, Alcohol and Drugs Can Not Stop Premature Ejaculation.

Only Verona DS Tablet can!!! If you've tried other products and failed, then you must try Verona DS Tablet is ranked #1 for a very good reason ... It Works!

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Does Verona Tablet really work?
Yes! Verona Tablet is an herbal Tablet. After years of cutting edge research the manufacturers of this medication have been able to perfect the product. Before launching this product we conducted a series of clinical trials on human patients and recorded a 100% success level. The effects start just within the first month of starting the course and after 6 month course you are completely cured of the problem.

Is there a guarantee?
We're absolutely certain
Verona Tablet will work for you. After the first month of treatment if you feel there hasn't been any improvement, just send them back and we will refund the entire amount. No questions asked.

Without Any Unpleasant Side Effects!

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