Dark Circles

Our face attracts the most amount of attention. Therefore, we pay most attention to the  way our face looks. We take special care of our face, its skin, its appearance and we try to present our face in the most beautiful manner we can. In a person's face, it is the eyes that catch the attention of the observer. If the eyes are beautiful the beauty of the face is enhanced. But a problem that a number of women face is dark circles under the eyes. When a woman has dark circles under her eyes, no matter how beautiful her eyes are their impact is diminished because of these dark circles. If we understand the cause of dark circles then we may be able to deal with them and treat them if possible. There are a number reasons for dark circles under the eyes. Given below are some of the common causes for the unsightly dark circles.

Heredity: Dark circles under the eyes can be an inherited trait. If you have dark circles, then it is likely that other members of your family have dark circles too. The skin under the eye is very thin. When blood flows through veins close to surface of the skin it can produce a bluish tint. If your skin is transparent then the darker the circles will be. Transparent skin is also a inherited trait.

Exposure to Sun: Exposure to sun especially during the summer months can make the skin under the eyes look darker. This is true for dark skinned people as well. Suntans are caused by an increase in the natural pigmentation of the skin, as a result of exposure to the sun. This increase in pigmentation is drawn to the surface. This applies to the skin under the eyes as well.

Allergies and Eczema: Any infection of the eye that leads to itching can contribute to dark circles as rubbing and scratching the eyes darkens the skin. People who suffer from hay fever will notice that dark circles appear when the allergy is at its height. Certain food allergies can cause dark circles too.

Medication: Any medication that dilates your blood vessels can cause dark circles under the eyes. As the skin under the eye is delicate an increase in blood shows through the skin in the form of dark circles.

Nutrition: An improper diet, an unbalanced diet or lack of a nutritious diet can cause dark circles under the eye.

Tiredness and Lack of Sleep: A lack of sleep or excessive tiredness can cause the skin under the eyes to become pale, thus, making the blood flowing under it visible.

Pregnancy and Menstruation: During pregnancy and menstruation the skin becomes pale and the veins under the skin become visible.

Age: As you grow older there are greater chances that you will have dark circles and they may become more prominent and permanent. If there are too many folds in the skin under the eyes, it will make the dark circles more prominent.


The first and most obvious way to prevent dark circles from forming under your eyes is to get enough sleep. Seven to nine hours each night is what most of us require to keep those eyes bright and shining. Stress can also wreak havoc with our eyes, and while it is easier said than done, avoid stressful events as much as you can. At the very least, make sure that you have some high quality “me” time every week to relax and rejuvenate. Allergies are yet another culprit of those unsightly dark circles, so if you find yourself sneezing and itching, take an over the counter allergy relief product to keep your eyes looking their best. Dehydration can also take its toll on the eyes, so make sure you are getting your eight glasses of water every day, and go easy on your salt intake.

Hiding Dark Under-Eye Circles


Make-up tips for concealing dark circles

A lot of women have given up on getting rid of their bags and have settled for hiding dark under-eye circles with cosmetics.The good news is, with the right tools, good cosmetics make hiding dark under-eye circles fairly effective. The bad news is, it's not a permanent answer to the problem. Just like trying a home remedy for dark circles is only a temporary fix, dark circle-concealing cosmetics should not be part of your daily regimen. Instead, invest in an eye serum like Dermalex that works to get rid of dark circles and even prevent future dark circles from forming.

Concealer for hiding dark under-eye circles

Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles. The best of the best is the Iman Corrective Concealer. It works so well because it is a liquid that dries to a matte finish. Blend from the inside corner of your eye to the outside until the concealer is completely blended with your skin.Choose a color that's one shade lighter than your normal color if your dark circles are blue-black. If, on the other hand, if you have problems with puffiness as well as dark circles, go one shade darker than your usual color.Concealers are effective at hiding dark under-eye circles because they're opaque (they don't let light through). Normal make-up isn't a match for truly dark under-eye circles.Instead of struggling to hide your dark circles, consider investing in a product that can help to get rid of them completely. Learn more about our eye serum.

Other make-up tips for hiding dark under-eye circles

When you're applying concealer for hiding dark under-eye circles, use a light touch. Too much concealer will draw attention to the skin under your eyes.If using mascara, don't apply it to the lower lashes. Flakes of mascara frequently fall from the lower lashes and make dark under-eye circles look darker.Yellow-base concealer is generally the best choice for hiding dark under-eye circles. Remember to counter-balance the most prominent undertone in your dark circles.Instead of hiding dark under-eye circles, get rid of them completely with a quality eye serum or eye cream. Dermalex uses the latest discoveries in cosmeceutical technology to diminish dark circles right away. Learn more about Dermalex.


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Treatment for Dark under-eye-circles By Dr  & Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer


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