Freckles are flat, circular small spots of melanin on human skin in people of fair complexion. The spots develop randomly on the skin, especially after repeated exposure to sunlight. They may vary in color - they may be red, yellow, tan, light-brown, brown, or black. They are usually more often seen in the summer, especially among lighter-skinned people and people with light or red hair. Both men and women get freckles at an equal rate.

There are two basic types of freckles - ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides, are flat red or light-brown spots that typically appear during the sunny months and fade in the winter. Lentigines, are small tan, brown, or black spots which tend to be darker than an ephelis-type freckle and which do not fade in the winter.

Freckles are most commonly found on the face , although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun . Freckles are rare on infants , and are very common among children aged 5 to 15 years. They are usually less common on adults.

Causes of Freckle

Some Common Causes of Freckle are as:-

*Exposure of skin to sun is one of the main cause of developing freckles. Freckles will fade when sun exposure is reduced or eliminated.

*The basic cause of freckles are some special cells in the skin that produce a pigment called melanin. If you have melanin in your body, going on accumulating at one place, then it may result in freckles age spots.

*Freckles are influenced by genetic factor also.

*Hormone Abnormalities can cause freckles since estrogen over-stimulates pigment-producing cells, causing them to generate excess color when exposed to sunlight.

*Fair skin is another main cause for freckle. There is less overall melanin in fair skin to absorb UV light, therefore pigment cells produce melanin at an increased rate.

Symptoms of Freckles

                                 Before                                           After

Some of the Possible Symptoms of Freckles are as:-

*There may be change in the skin color and shape.

*Diarrhea is another common symptom which is accompanied with freckles.

*There may be crampy abdominal pain and/or weight loss.

*The skin cancer may be a possible symptom of freckles.

*Moles are often produced at the affected area of skin.

*There may be blood or mucus in the stool.

Natural Home Remedies for Freckles


Following are some of the most effective natural and home remedies for freckles:

  • Mix equal quantities of turmeric and sesame seeds. Grind in water and apply to the face.

  • Wash your face with sour milk and lactic acid will provide gentle peeling effect without irritation or dryness in the skin.

  • Lemon juice has also prooved to be a good natural remedy for the treatment of freckles. It is not necessary to rub your skin with a piece of lemon. Applying the juice with gentle fingers will also do the job.

  • A yellow mustard oil is also good for treating freckles. Grind yellow mustard in milk and apply to the face during the night. Wash you face in the next morning.

  • A mixture of natural parsley juice or parsley infusion with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, and red currant juice under your favorite cream will help you in hiding your freckles till they are completely removed.

  • Take a watermelon, make a hole in its rind and put some grains of rice in it. Take out the rice after a week, grind into a paste and apply on the face.

Treatments of Freckles


100% All Natural without any Chemicals

Taseer herbal treatment gives skin 100% natural nourishment and protection because it is made with auyrvedic (medicinal) herbs.
Taseer herbal treatment can be used regularly by men and women. It improves the skin's glow, deep cleanses impurities and accelerates the cell renewal process on freckles. It keeps the skin healthy and fades the freckles on the skin. For best results, use it regularly.

Functions of our treatment

*Best way to Lighten and Clear Dark Facial Age Spots, Freckles and Sunspots.

* Reduces Wrinkles and Senile Plaques Spots

* Wonderful to Heal and/or Improve Acne, Black Heads, Pimples

* Very Effective for Scars and Skin Injuries

* Helps make Skin Softer and Prettier

* High Skin Renew Properties

* Beneficial properties to both oily and dry skin. Is has an anti-inflammatory action and is a skin softener.

* Fenugreek has been used topically for abscesses, boils, burns, eczema, gout, and ulceration of the skin as it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

* The gelatinous texture of fenugreek seed may have some benefit for soothing skin that is irritated by Eczema or other conditions.


Treatment for Freckles by Dr. & Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer

Pure herbal treatment by Dr& Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer to cure Freckles with well proven results. Has a very high success rate in treating different causes of Freckles. Dosage and duration of the treatment may vary as per the patient profile. Treatment is without any side effects.

Treatment for Freckles By Dr  & Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer


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